Throw Pillows! Decorative Pillows! And More Season Pillows!

Throw Pillows! Decorative Pillows! And More Season Pillows!

I never realized how much a pillow can change the entire zen of a room. We may have always imagined pillows brightening up a bedroom, but now you can go wild with decorative pillows in almost any room of your home. 

They can completely change the look and feel of a room to sync up with the current season. Like right now, it's midway between fall and halloween as I write this post. You can easily represent both seasons with a pillow from each on your couch, porch chairs or to the side table in your office. Pumpkins, ghosts, autumn leaves and skeletons can all co-exists nicely. 

Sunflower Pillows


In fact, it can end up being less expensive and utilizing less effort buying a few pillows that you swap out each season to elevate your home decor, than the hassle of fiddling with all the different decorations you would have gotten for just one season. Yes, I know what you must all be thinking,"Nata Christmas doesn't fall into that season pillow swapping recommendation". Although, I can agree with your thought process here, I think, pillows can add a bit more flare to your Christmas decor without taking away the joy most decorating for the Christmas season. 

Hey, all I'm saying, is in this type of economy, pillows might just be a great option to help with your overhaul or mesh of two seasons. It's a money saver and for those of us you don't have the expert home designer skills, it's a simplified decorating technique. Get them. Throw them. They don't even need to match. Your pillow, your style.

Now for us pet parents, pillows double as a cuddle buddy or a toy for our dogs and cats. My dogs, love a snuggle with a decorative or throw pillow as some of us may call it. Why can you both be happy with the decorating part of things.

So let's get shopping or crafting. You just need a pillow cover to start if you already have other pillows of that size or you buy them already filled. Whatever you decide, just make sure you jives with your vibe. Check out our store for some pillow options or drop us a line for suggestions.

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